Publication: VNOnline

Date: June 2020

Top riders including Nick SkeltonLaura Collett and Carl Hester are backing a new campaign to drive increased diversity and inclusion in equestrianism.

Reece McCook, founder of Ride Out Racism, has joined forces with Daisy Honeybunn and her husband Pravin Mukhi, founders of the DHD Foundation charitable trust, to launch #IAMPARTOFTHECHANGE.



H&H reported this summer that Reece had set up his campaign after years of discrimination, judging and verbal abuse, not to mention the fact he was the only person of colour in every equestrian establishment he had been in.

“It was disheartening and I lost my confidence – my dreams were shattered and I didn’t think I’d ever be able to work in the industry,” he said. “But with the support of friends and family I set up Ride Out Racism, to lower barriers and make the sport more accessible and diverse on every level.”

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