Publication: British Showjumping

Date: November 2020

Ride Out Racism and The DHD Foundation launch social campaign #IAMPARTOFTHECHANGE

Reece McCook, social campaigner and the founder of Ride Out Racism, has teamed up with Daisy Honeybunn and her husband Pravin Mukhi, founders of the DHD Foundation, to create #IAMPARTOFTHECHANGE, a campaign to increase diversity and inclusion throughout the equestrian industry.

Explaining his experience within the industry, Reece said: “I started out by volunteering at my local riding school in Coventry, in return for rides, and was so excited when I eventually worked my way to achieving a working pupil placement with a top event rider, which was an exciting opportunity. However, in every equestrian establishment, I’ve been in, I’ve been the only person of colour. Over the years I have experienced a lot of discrimination, including being judged as a stereotype, and at times I’ve received actual verbal abuse. It was disheartening and I lost my confidence – my dreams were shattered and I didn’t think I’d ever be able to work in the industry. But with the support of friends and family I set up Ride Out Racism, in order to lower barriers and make the sport more accessible and diverse on every level.”

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